25 desember 2008

Harold Pinter RIP

RUTH: Eddie.

TEDDY turns.


Don't become a stranger.

TEDDY goes, shuts the front door.
The three men stand.
RUTH sits relaxed on her chair.
SAM lies still.
JOEY walks slowly across the room.
He kneels at her chair.
She touches his head, lightly.
He puts his head in her lap.
MAX begins to move above them, backwards and forwards.
LENNY stands still.
MAX turns to LENNY.

MAX: I'm too old, I suppose. She thinks I'm an old man.


I'm not such an old man.


(To RUTH.) You think I'm too old for you?


Listen. You think you're just going to get that big slag all the time? You think you're just going to have him . . . you're going to just have him all the time? You're going to have to work! You'll have to take them on, you understand?


Does she realize that?


Lenny, do you think she understands . . .

He begins to stammer.

What . . . what . . . what . . . we're getting at? What . . . we've got in mind? Do you think she's got it clear?


I don't think she's got it clear.


You understand what I mean? Listen, I've got a funny idea she'll do the dirty on us, you want to bet? She'll use us, she'll make use of us, I can tell you! I can smell it! You want to bet?


She won't . . . be adaptable!

He begins to groan, clutches his stick, falls on to his knees by the side of her chair. His body sags. The groaning stops. His body straightens. He looks at her, still kneeling.

I'm not an old man.


Do you hear me?

He raises his face to her.

Kiss me.

She continues to stroks JOEY'S head, lightly.
LENNY stands, watching.


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